Welcome to Annotations by HounddogWP, your go-to WordPress plugin for managing and annotating your plugin directory with ease and efficiency. Designed specifically for WordPress admins, this tool enables you to add detailed annotations directly on the plugin directory page, making it simpler than ever to note why a plugin was chosen, its specific uses, or any custom settings.

But Annotations by HounddogWP doesn’t stop there! It diligently tracks the activation and deactivation of each plugin, recording not only the dates but also which admin performed each action. This historical insight is invaluable for maintaining oversight over your site’s plugins, especially in environments with multiple administrators.

Whether you’re managing a personal blog or a large commercial site, Annotations by HounddogWP helps ensure that your plugin management is as organized and informative as possible. Embrace the clarity and control that comes with Annotations by HounddogWP—your plugins organized, annotated, and understood.